Engagement Models

Inspira constantly works on innovative engagement models that meet business objectives, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and address risks. Our engagement models are designed to promote long term relationship with the customer, focusing on the goals that are business driven. A Customer oriented engagement model is a critical success factor for any software development project.

Statement of Work – Fixed Price

We undertake projects with clear scope and deliverables for fixed price and timeline. We provide the project plan and design documents ahead of the development for customers to review and sign off. We will match our delivery schedules to meet customer implementation plans.

We can incorporate Agile methodology in the project schedule and design sprint milestones based on project tasks and user stories. We can provide project progress reports and updates on a regular basis so customers can review capacity utilization and also any project risks and dependencies. Our professionally prepared System, Capabilities and User Documents will serve as tools for training Application Developers and User Groups.

Statement of Work – Time and Material

We undertake SOW on a time and material basis when the project requirements are not clear or if the project scope may undergo constant change requirements. If the client chooses to manage the project the time and material is an ideal option to engage. This is typical when the business requirements are dynamic or evolving in nature.

Our technical and management team will provide all the support to ensure value to the customer in a dynamic environment. Customer can have direct control on the scope and delivery of the project however the capacity assigned and utilized can be tracked through our standardized reporting procedures.

Keeping project costs and targeted savings in perspective, both fixed price or time and material SOWs can be offered in one or more combinations of options listed below.

  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Offshore
  • Onsite-Offshore (hybrid)

Global Delivery Model

We use our strategic sourcing approach to structure our engagement model for best meeting our customer objectives. We manage SOWs in a very efficient manner that all KPIs around capacity building, development, quality, project management, sprint schedules and costs are fully complied with.

In summary, Inspira offers flexible engagement models and pricing strategies to accommodate various project scenarios, aiming to provide value to customers while ensuring transparency and control over the development process.


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Engagement Models

Inspira constantly works on innovative engagement models that meet business objectives, reduce costs and address risks.

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